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Popular genres


The novel is a genre of fiction that describes the lives and relationships of characters, with an emphasis on their emotions, psychology and plot development.

The story is a genre of fiction, a short story with a variety of subjects, focusing on the development of characters and events.
Short story

The novella is a short fiction story with a limited number of characters and events, often focusing on one key moment or idea.

A story is a small art form, which is a short narrative text with a limited number of characters and events, usually with one central idea or episode.

Drama is a genre of literature and art that focuses on the conflicts and emotional experiences of characters, often touching on complex moral and ethical issues.

Poetry is a literary genre that uses metrics, rhythm, and images to express emotions, ideas, and beauty through words.

Essay is a genre of non-fiction literature, where the author expresses personal thoughts, analyzes ideas and concepts on a specific topic or question, often using personal experience.

Fiction is a genre of literature that focuses on creating a world where scientific or fantastic elements are used to explore new ideas, technologies or alternative realities.
Children's literature

Children's literature is a literary genre created specifically for children, usually with simple language, illustrations and subjects focused on the interests and development of young readers.

Fantasy is a genre of literature that creates imaginary worlds, magic and creatures, and also develops plots outside of everyday reality.

Detective is a genre of literature and cinema where a crime is investigated, and the main character seeks to find his perpetrators, revealing secrets and riddles.
Historical novel

A historical novel is a genre of literature where events and characters are placed in a historical context to convey the atmosphere and features of past eras.