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Welcome to our platform, where you will find an endless variety of stories in audiobook format. Regardless of your preference in literature, we have stories from all genres - from drama and adventure to science fiction and fantasy.

Our audiobooks of stories offer high quality voice-over, thanks to professional announcers and modern technology. You can download your favorite stories to your device and enjoy them anytime, anywhere.

Create your own library of engaging stories, add them to favorites and find new literary gems to listen to. Give yourself pleasure and immerse yourself in the world of exciting stories by listening to audiobooks of stories of all genres on our platform. Start today and let fantasies soar on the wings of words!

Fantasy stories are literary works that contain elements of science fiction or fantasy, often describing fictional worlds and phenomena.

Mystical stories are works that include elements of mystery, supernatural and mysterious phenomena.
Girlfriends, parties and surprise morning surprises

Following one day in the life of a teenager, this story reveals a world of ordinary worries and joys inherent in this age.
Surprise return

This story tells about the unexpected return of his father, which destroys the calmness and usual order of life of the main character.
Unforgettable Party and Sister Return

After the party, the week swept through training sessions, memories of fun and discontent due to the lack of sixes at the school.
Mixed feelings

This story follows a hero who faces internal conflicts and fears related to his family's past.
House of Louis party: The aftermath of Madness

Preparing for a party full of excitement and expectation turned out to be a completely unexpected event for Louis and his friends.
Meeting on the dance floor

Waking from an early call, Claire finds herself in an unexpected situation when her friend, Jake, offers to go to the club.
Unexpected neighbours

In this fascinating account of the life of schoolgirl Nastya, every detail matters.
Game with Fire

Playing with Fire is an exciting journey into a world of forbidden desires and incomprehensible signals.
Bold Bella

In this story, a look at events is provided through the eyes of Harry, who suddenly finds himself drawn into an interaction with an unusual girl, Bella.
Whirlwind of feelings

Claire Andrews wakes up with a headache and her day begins with an impatient car race to school, forcing her security guard to overspeed.
View from the Elite

In the world of brilliance and luxury, where golden youth rule the school, secrets are hidden that are not ready to reveal everything.
Games of Power

This story chronicles the protagonist's sudden return home, where he witnessed a conversation between his mother and her friend Natell.
Experiences of the morning

After a turbulent night and passionate moments with Sam, Claire wakes up in the arms of a lover, shrouded in mixed emotions of shame and pleasure.
Night visit

On a quiet evening after a day filled with reflections and dreams, the main character returns home, where she meets a typical picture: parents are busy with their business, the sister watches TV, and the heroine herself immerses herself in thinking about her family and how wonderful it would be to spend time together.
Drunken Dizzy Carousel Dream

In this gripping and mysterious tale, you plunge into the world of consciousness of the main character, who finds herself in a strange and incomprehensible situation after a wild party.
Adventures in apartment number 34

In this funny and slightly embarrassing story, you will plunge into the life of the main character, who finds herself in the apartment of her friend.
Believe in the Voice

This story explores the inner monologue of a rock climber who undergoes a series of dangerous trials in the mountains.
Rob's Birthday: Gift, Celebration and Street Racing

In this long and picturesque story about Rob's birthday, friends go to the shops in search of a gift, finding themselves in a car dealership, where they eventually choose a gift.
Uncovering Secrets on Fishing: Uncle Roma and Mistress

On this cool morning fishing, the 16-year-old hero, Sasha, discovers that his model uncle Roma is apparently involved in a secret scam with his mistress.
Unexpected Perspectives: An Adventure in Miami

A teenage account of a surprise trip to Miami that began with a nasty after-school delay.
Winning hearts
Price: 7.54 USD
The Hemingway Book by Mary Dearborn
The Hemingway Book by Mary Dearborn
Price: 9.04 USD
Book Sapphirov book. Kerstin Gere
Book Sapphirov book. Kerstin Gere
Price: 3.27 USD
Book novel I will love you always Sarah Gio (Paperback)
Book novel I will love you always Sarah Gio (Paperback)
Price: 5.78 USD
The Book of Thought Stakes. How to Make Smart Decisions with Many Unknowns by Annie Duke
The Book of Thought Stakes. How to Make Smart Decisions with Many Unknowns by Annie Duke
Price: 7.54 USD
Lockwood & Co. Empty grave. Book 5. Jonathan Stroud
Lockwood & Co. Empty grave. Book 5. Jonathan Stroud
Price: 6.28 USD
The book Joy. The Magic of Simple Things
The book Joy. The Magic of Simple Things
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Antonio Banderas
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