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Mystical stories

Welcome to our platform, where you can download mystical stories in accessible formats - audiobooks and digital books. Mystical stories will immerse you in a world of mysterious phenomena, incredible events and unidentified secrets.

Why should you choose mystical stories in audio and text format?

Mystery Research: Mystical narratives invite you to explore mysteries and mysteries, which can be fascinating and exciting.

Exciting vibe: Reading or listening to mystical stories creates a unique atmosphere of intrigue and tension.

Usability: You can enjoy mystical stories in audio format on the road, in the gym or at any other time convenient for you. Text versions are also readable.

Go to the selection page of mystical stories and start downloading materials that will help you immerse yourself in a world of mysteries and mysterious events, feel the trembling of unexpected developments and enjoy the atmosphere of mysticism and intrigue. We have many fascinating mystical stories for you on a variety of topics and subjects.
Monster games: between jealousy and love

On a hot day, the heroine returns to the secluded oak forest, where a mysterious dialogue unfolds with an entity that seeks to have a child for the company.
Game of Destiny

Dina suddenly finds herself in a situation where her friend Lika, usually full of vital energy, suffers from deep depression.
Family responsibilities of death

In a world where war and suffering have become commonplace, there is a family that manages the fate of people.
Under the sign of unexpected inspiration

In this story, we are talking about Marina's meeting with Pasha in the hospital, where the latter is treated after poisoning.
Shadows of the past

In the back streets of the forgotten apartment, where whispers of secret conversations sound, Dasha is trapped among death and riddles.
Dog loyalty

In the story Dog Loyalty follows dog handler Nikolai Ivanov, who feels longing for his home and reflects on overcoming loneliness.
The True Way

Marina and Pashka's meeting on the street becomes a turning point when Pashka notices changes in her appearance and behavior.
The Path in Darkness

In the darkness of the forest, there is a meeting with mysterious creatures and the past.
Maths and Care

During a regular math lesson, events occur at the school that change the mundane for Marina.
Reflection of death

In this story, we immerse ourselves in the world of Marina, a young girl who suddenly realizes her incompetence by violating the precepts of strict parenting of her mother.
Prelude to revenge

Mysterious events take place in the small courtyard of a multi-storey building, intertwining the lives of its inhabitants.
Trace of fate

In the evening, in a quiet area of ​ ​ the city, dog handler Nikolai Ivanov and his faithful dog Julbars are embroiled in a confusing disappearance case.
Game of destinies

In the story Game of Fate, the action takes place in the women's department of a psychiatric clinic, where the commonplace violates the arrival of a mysterious man in black and a werewolf striving for the beautiful Katya.
Last Act

In a bleak neighborhood where everyone strives to do well, there is a quiet but violent struggle for inheritance.
Shadow of death

In the Shadow of Death narrative, two girlfriends, Layla and Dasha, face unexplained phenomena after school.
Looking for Dasha

In the early morning, Pashka receives a surprise visit from Leila, whose face speaks of trouble.
Under the crosshairs of the full moon

It lies on white sand, the gaze is directed into the endless waters that are worried near the shore.
Under the Dawn Light

At the later time of the day, the two fates intertwined on the path near the abandoned building.
Winning hearts
Price: 3.64 USD
Book Truth with a Taste of Coffee Christina Michels
Book Truth with a Taste of Coffee Christina Michels
Price: 4.65 USD
Book Advantage. What is the power of corporate culture. Patrick Lencioni
Book Advantage. What is the power of corporate culture. Patrick Lencioni
Price: 3.49 USD
Step by step: corrective work program for older preschool children
Step by step: corrective work program for older preschool children
Price: 7.03 USD
Book Three Days in the Life of Eva (author Anna Grigorievich)
Book Three Days in the Life of Eva (author Anna Grigorievich)
Price: 3.27 USD
Book of the Bungalow. Sarah Gio (Paperback)
Book of the Bungalow. Sarah Gio (Paperback)
Price: 2.76 USD
Hiccup (in Russian)
Hiccup (in Russian)
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